Who am I?

Start with the easy stuff. I’m Lorrie Hartshorn, and I’m a freelance copywriter. I live just south of Manchester, and I work with clients all over the UK – and occasionally abroad.

What am I like?

I’m nice! Well, I think I’m nice. I have lots of happy clients, and I live with my happy little girl in our nice house. I like reading, running, drinking coffee with friends, and putting the world to rights. None of that’s really relevant to my job, but it’s always nice to know you’re dealing with a human being, isn’t it?

What am I like to work with?

I’m still nice! Most of my clients rarely see me – I’m frequently just another email in the inbox – but I do venture out to client meetings now and again. In terms of how I deal with people, I’m polite, friendly, positive, and straight-forward.

If I need something, I’ll ask you. If there’s a problem, I’ll talk about possible solutions. I’m good at what I do, and I’m pretty thorough when it comes to doing it.

I’ve not had any complaints about my work yet, so that’s always a good sign.

Can I check you out elsewhere?

Sure. I’m @LorrieHartshorn on Twitter and I’m also on LinkedIn: Lorrie Hartshorn Copywriter.