Cold Calling For Freelance Writers 101 (Podcast)

Season two of the One Hack Away From Wonder Woman freelance writing podcast is here, and we’re starting with a great topic – cold calling for freelance writers 101.

Everyone’s idea of a nightmare afternoon, cold calling is something most freelance writers avoid like the plague. But can it be useful? Can cold calling win you a valuable new client? The answer, I’m afraid, is yes!

If you’re going through a quiet patch, or you’re just tempted to see whether cold calling could work for your freelance writing business, tune in to find out some of the big ‘do’s, ‘don’t’s and ‘just get down to it’s! In this episode, I outline how to create an ICP, cold calling pitfalls to watch out for, how to script your calls, and how to follow up.

Once you’ve had a listen, let me know what you think over on Twitter – I’m @LorrieHartshorn.

Thanks, as ever, for listening! x

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