Brochure Copywriting

Websites are a primary tool in promoting any business or organisation. But, there’s a lot to be said for beautiful written material that your prospects and customers can take away with them.

Professional brochure copywriting is the perfect way to showcase your brand. Written content should draw your reader in with eye-catching design and creative content, and influence them with engaging sales-led copy.

Quality brochure copywriting should:

  • Engage your audience from the very first word
  • Be clear and concise
  • Complement your visual design
  • Tell a story people want to read
  • Capture the essence of your brand
  • Drive your audience to take action

No matter what business you’re in, an artfully designed brochure can be an invaluable part of your sales and marketing arsenal.

Brochure Copywriting FAQs

Do businesses still need printed brochures?

Not all businesses, no, but there’s a lot to be said for a high quality printed brochure. In fact, there are a number of benefits to print brochures:

  • They’re great for targeting customers who aren’t very computer-savvy
  • They stand out from all the digital content out there
  • They’re harder to ignore than email marketing
  • They can encourage prospects to learn more about your business

Sent to prospects, positioned around your place of work, and given to existing customers, print marketing material acts as a tangible reminder for your business, capturing your readers’ attention with beautiful images and engaging text.

What are typical brochure copywriting fees?

Like any kind of copywriting rates, brochure copywriting rates vary depending on a whole host of things. So while it’s difficult to say exactly what you’ll pay for brochure copywriting, here’s some factors that will affect the price:

  • How long and wordy the brochure is
  • How thoroughly you can brief your copywriter
  • How complex the topic is
  • How much research your copywriter needs to do
  • How closely your copywriter needs to work with your designer
  • How much input on tone of voice you need from your copywriter
  • How much guidance you need from your copywriter on which information to include
  • How quickly you need the content

Exactly what brochure copywriting will cost you is hard to say, but you can expect to pay an experienced brochure copywriter anywhere from £500 for a small brochure up to several thousand pounds for a longer, more in-depth piece of literature.

How does brochure copywriting fit with brochure design?

When it comes to brochure copywriting, you’ve got to make sure it works with the visual design aspects that are being included. If your written content is at odds with your photography, typography and imagery, your brochure isn’t going to be an enjoyable read for anyone.

So how do you make sure your brochure copywriting project accommodates your brochure design project, and vice versa? Well, I’ve got my own ideas from the writing side of things, and I spoke to good friend and savvy graphic designer Col Gray for his take on the matter. Our advice is:

  • Make it easy for your copywriter to work with your designer
  • Involve both copywriter and designer at the project briefing stages
  • Don’t prioritise written content or visual design – they’re both vital
  • Make sure your tone of voice guidelines fit with your visual branding
  • Give your copywriter as much visual information as you can – examples of visual branding, mock-ups of the brochure, colour swatches, mood boards – anything that will help them get a feel for what you’re trying to achieve. Likewise, keep your designer abreast of what’s happening with the copy.

A promotional brochure should be a complete and enjoyable thing to hold and read. Don’t let a clash between copywriting and design spoil the finished result.

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