Content Marketing Consulting


A lot of digital, design and production agencies are pretty small affairs – a handful of people with talent and great ideas. And sometimes it’s just not feasible to take on a salaried content marketing expert – some projects don’t need it, and the budget just won’t stretch.

Freelance content marketing consulting is a flexible solution that works for many small agencies. For less than you’d pay for a junior in-house marketing executive, you can bring in an expert to guide the content marketing side of the projects you take on.

Hiring a freelance content marketing consultant can:

  • Ensure the content you produce is on brand
  • Demonstrate to your customers that you take content marketing seriously
  • Give the content you produce direction and purpose
  • Make life easier for your designers, developers and project leads
  • Help you develop a successful content marketing strategy
  • Add value to the services you deliver to customers

Don’t treat your customers’ content as an after-thought. A freelance content marketing consultant gives you the insight and expertise you need to get it right, without the big expense.

Content Marketing Consulting FAQs

What kinds of things does a content marketing consultant do?

A freelance content marketing consultant is there to support you on a project by offering guidance, insight and input into the content side of things – so far, so obvious. But what kinds of things do they actually do? Content marketing consultants can:

  • Work with your copywriters to improve their skills and output
  • Attend initial client briefings as part of the project team
  • Design a content marketing strategy
  • Create a concept / theme for a project
  • Shape brand identity and tone of voice
  • Plan and guide editorial calendars
  • Collaborate with designers and developers in-house

A freelance content marketing consultant is there to plug the gaps in your project, offering expertise you’d otherwise be missing – their specific activities will be guided by the project specifications.

How long can we hire a content marketing consultant for?

There’s really no limit to how much time you can hire a content marketing consultant for – it depends what kind of input you need.

You might simply want someone to attend a client meeting as part of your team, and then have them go away and write up a content marketing recommendation based on what they’ve learned. Or, you might want them there for the duration of the project, whether that’s a few days or five days a week for six months.

How much does a content marketing consultant cost?

A content marketing consultant’s fees will vary depending on a number of factors – how experienced / in-demand they are, how long the project is, and what kinds of work they’ll be taking on.

You may also pay more if you want them to come in-house – some content marketing consultants prefer to work remotely, so travel expenses and out-of-house expenses may also be added.

So, with all that considered, your content marketing consulting fees will vary widely. You can expect to pay anywhere from £5000 to £50,000 a month, which is about £250 a day upwards. A lot of content marketing consultants will charge less per day if you hire them for a longer period, whereas single day rates may be closer to £500-£1000.

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