Website Copywriting

Your website’s got a lot of weight to carry. It’s your brand’s home on the net, charged with informing, engaging and persuading anyone who visits that your business is right for them. Say the right thing in the right way, and you’re on to a winner.

Mess it up, and you’re one click away from being forgotten.

The written content on your website will also determine how easy (or hard) it is for prospects to find you on Google and other search engines – quality website copywriting can make the difference between a number one ranking and a place in the dust bunnies on page 10.

Don’t let your website let you down.

Website Copywriting FAQs

  • What is website copywriting?

    In simple terms, it's what it says on the tin: copywriting for websites. A lot of the work I do is website copywriting: a company will decide they need a new website, and that that new website needs words. They don't know what to write, so they get me involved - either directly, or through one of the agencies I work with.

    But - and this is the slightly less obvious answer - website copywriting involves a lot more than just writing. My job often starts with me proposing a new sitemap for the website, creating a new brand tone of voice, liaising with the design and dev teams, drawing up a content plan, then amending the content in situ. 

    So, yeah: website copywriting. It's copywriting for websites, but it's not just copywriting for websites.

  • How much does website copywriting cost?

    It depends. And yes, I know that's not the answer anyone wants when they're thinking about their budget, but it's true.

    Website copywriting costs do vary hugely, and how much you pay will depend on how much you need. Not just in terms of content volume, but also:

    • Research
    • Preparation
    • SEO, CRO and UX considerations
    • Tone of voice

    I wrote a blog on what website copywriting costs - lots more info there. Or, you can just contact me for a chat, and I'll give you an estimate.

Do you need website copywriting services? Give me a shout.