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How Much Does Blog Copywriting Cost?

Blog copywriting costs prices

We all know blog copywriting has some pretty big benefits for businesses: it’s great for SEO, good for building trust in your brand, and an effective way to share what’s going on in-house or in your industry.

But if you’re looking into blog copywriting – maybe wondering whether to do it yourself or outsource it – you’re probably wondering what it’s going to cost.

As an experienced blog copywriter with plenty of happy clients, it’s my job to be up-front about these kinds of things.

And while it’s hard to put an exact figure on blog copywriting costs, there are 9 major factors that will affect how much you’re likely to pay for blog copywriting services:

  1. Length
  2. Complexity
  3. Revisions
  4. Research
  5. Collaboration
  6. Quantity
  7. Experience
  8. Quality
  9. Deadline

1. How long is the blog?

As search engines have changed and developed, so has the way we optimise our content.

Tiny snippets of content no longer have any real SEO power, so an effective blog needs to be at least 600 words long to have any chance of ranking on Google for your chosen keywords.

Long-form blog posts are becoming increasingly popular with readers, too: in-depth articles of 1500 words or more, often featuring multimedia additions such as infographics, detailed tables, and videos.

So it goes without saying that if you ask your copywriter to draft you a plain text article of 600 words, it’s likely to cost less than an article twice that length. Writing takes time, so more writing takes more time – simple!

2. How complex is the subject matter?

Complex subject matter presents a number of challenges to blog copywriters.

First off, you can’t write about something until you’ve learned about it – if a topic is quite complicated, your copywriter’s research period is likely to be longer as they spend time really making sure they’ve got a good understanding of the topic, your business, your industry, and the various issues covered in the blog post.

Second, complex topics require careful handling for different audiences. If your readers are experts, your writing has to cater for their specialist knowledge. If they’re not, you’ve got to take the information and reframe it in a way that’s understandable and accessible.

Generally speaking, the more complex the topic, the higher your blog copywriting costs.

3. How many rounds of revisions do you want to include?

Most experienced copywriters include a limited number of revisions on projects, to protect themselves against clients who ask for endless amendments to a drafted piece of content.

I offer one round of amends within the original brief as standard, but I’m also happy to increase the number of revisions on request – for an additional fee.

Even small changes can take time to implement – swapping one word for another might lead to repetition further down, while rephrasing one sentence could affect the rest of a paragraph – so asking your copywriter to complete more rounds of amends is likely to increase your price.

4. How much research does your copywriter need to do?

Research is a big part of blog copywriting – even if the topic is a familiar one. There’s plenty of digging to be done as your copywriter needs to become an expert in:

  • Your business
  • Your industry
  • Specialist terminology
  • Current events
  • The specific topic they’re writing about

The more relevant information you present your copywriter with at the start of a project, the less time they have to spend digging.

5. Will your copywriter need to collaborate with other people?

Content doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and there are plenty of times a copywriter will need to collaborate with other people to get the best results on a blog.

Sometimes they’ll need to source information by calling or emailing people, which takes time. Other times, your copywriter may need to work with your designer or developer to ensure the content they write is suited to the platform on which it’s going to be published.

The more time your copywriter has to spend liaising with others before / during the writing of their content, the higher your blog copywriting price is likely to be.

6. How many blogs are you hiring your copywriter to write?

It makes perfect sense that 10 blog articles are going to cost you more than five, but you may also find that a copywriter who’s hired to write a large number of articles is willing to do you a bit of a bulk-buy discount.

Hiring a blog copywriter to work for your company on a regular basis has the added benefit of enabling them to familiarise themselves with your business, industry and target market.

So while they may need to charge you for extra research at the start, your research costs are likely to be lower as time goes on.

7. How experienced is your blog copywriter?

An experienced blog copywriter can bring a lot to your business and the content you publish, including:

  • In-depth SEO knowledge
  • First-rate writing skills
  • Good ideas and a pro-active approach
  • Extensive knowledge
  • Great customer care
  • A large back catalogue of happy clients

And just as salaried employees don’t pull in the same wages after 10 years as after two, experienced copywriters are going to cost more than newbies. It’s worth considering the return on investment that comes from hiring a copywriter who knows what they’re doing.

8. How important is content quality to you?

The fact of the matter is, you can find cheap blog copywriting offers all over the net: 500 words for $10, 10 blogs for a fiver – there’s almost no limit to how low the prices go.

Unfortunately, there’s also no limit to how bad the writing can be.

Many cheap blog copywriters are non-native speakers who struggle to create content that makes sense. Others use content generation software to quickly create strings of words that make almost no sense. Sure, they contain the keywords you’re after, but they’ve got little else to offer.

As a business owner, you need to ask yourself how important the quality of your content is.

Good quality blog content will:

  • Help you rank on Google for the terms your customers search for
  • Build trust in your brand
  • Position your business as an industry thought leader
  • Offer visitors to your website real value
  • Encourage prospects to return to your website

On the other hand, poor quality blog content can:

  • Get you black-listed from Google
  • Destroy your reputation
  • Tell your customers you’ve got nothing to say
  • Disappoint visitors to your website
  • Convince prospects not to visit your site again

So, it’s up to you.

9. How quickly do you need the blog?

There’s a saying in the freelance world: content can be:

  1. Good
  2. Quick
  3. Cheap

But you can only pick two of those options at a time.

So if you want good content and you want it quick, it’s not going to be cheap. Freelance copywriters have other clients to look after, other projects to juggle, and a private life on top of that, so a rush job is likely to cost you more.

Can you keep your blog copywriting costs down and your quality up?

I want to say ‘no’ but the honest answer is yes. Yes, you can get cheap blog copywriting that’s still good quality, but only from experienced writers who are charging unsustainably low fees.

There’s a lot of pressure on copywriters to charge pennies in order to compete with writers on the content mills, who are willing to churn out 500 words of keyword-stuffed rubbish for a fiver. Sadly, too many businesses still believe this kind of junk content represents value for money, and is how you ‘do’ content marketing.

It’s not.

I’m not here to compete with writers charging a few quid, so if that’s the kind of content you’re looking for, I suggest you head over to PeoplePerHour or Upwork and post an ad. I work with businesses that understand the return on investment that comes from high quality content, and I’m not on any of the freelancing sites.

There are plenty of things you can do as a business to keep your blog copywriting costs to a minimum without compromising on quality. 

These include:

  • Briefing your copywriter thoroughly
  • Giving your copywriter as much information as they need
  • Being responsive to your copywriter’s queries
  • Hiring your copywriter to write multiple posts
  • Giving your copywriter plenty of lead time for every project

Basically, preparation is your friend.

So exactly how much does blog copywriting cost?

So you’ve read this far and you still want to know what you’re going to be paying for your blogs. Fair enough. Like I say, blog copywriting costs vary hugely, depending on all the factors listed above (and then some, no doubt).

But let’s say you’ve taken on board everything that’s been said and you’re still interested in hiring an experienced and knowledgeable blog copywriter. How much is it going to cost you?

For a straightforward blog of around 600 words, you’re unlikely to pay less than £100 and you could pay anywhere up to £1000+. For long-form blog posts, you’re generally looking at £500+.

Add in extra research, amends, complex topics and short deadlines and your prices will rise.

The best way to work out exactly what you’ll pay for blog copywriting is to ask – the more information your copywriter has, the more accurate a quote they can give you.

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  1. Great post Lorrie (I found it via John Espirian). I’ve been thinking a lot about business blogging today and your post has really crystallised a lot of my thinking.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Michelle – really glad you’ve found the post helpful. I think it’s good for writers and clients alike to be reminded of what they’re paying for – it’s definitely not just a question of words on a page.

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