Latest work: B2B copywriting for Edmo Aluminium Extrusions

One of the latest projects I’ve been working on has been a big B2B copywriting job for aluminium extrusion and fabrication experts, Edmo.

Edmo’s a pretty big name in the aluminium extrusions industry. But, their website had done what most B2B websites do over time: become bigger, messier, and infinitely harder to navigate.

The information was outdated, there was no consistent tone of voice, and the user experience and flow were basically terrible.

Seriously, we found visitors who’d been there since 2012, wandering alone and covered in web dust in the tertiary level pages.

It was bad.

B2B copywriting Edmo

The brief

Edmo’s a hugely successful company that’s constantly investing in its business: new people, new equipment, new processes.

All of these things allow the company to increase its capabilities and processing capacity year on year.

But, the website was letting them down, both in terms of attracting visitors and giving a good impression to anyone who did stumble across the site.

Technical digital marketing agency, Adrac, were brought on to carry out a complete overhaul of the site: everything from written content (*coughs meaningfully*) to new and exciting visual branding.

The new website needed to pull its weight, drawing in new prospects, converting visitors into leads, and framing Edmo as an authority in its industry.

The job

As usual (I have the pleasure of working with them a lot), the guys at Adrac did a bang-up job.

The new site is a brilliantly and intricately built, fully responsive WordPress website with an intuitive, custom theme.

There’s a whole raft of newly commissioned photography and videography to bring Edmo’s services to life.

The navigation, which I worked on, is streamlined and simplified. The sitemap’s far easier for users to make sense of, and services have been clearly grouped.

Each now has a clear purpose, and the content is standardised across similar pages, improving user experience (UX).

The written content now follows a set of rules based on Edmo’s new brand tone of voice. And, as all good B2B copywriting should be, it’s clear, concise and thoroughly researched.

It’s also designed to give prospective and existing customers the information they need, whatever stage of the buyer’s journey they’re at.

There’s a brand-new Education Centre (a favourite B2B copywriting tool of mine), designed to offer visitors to Edmo’s website immediate value.

This online resource hub is filled with FAQs, case studies and SEO blog posts (an ongoing project that yours truly will be working on), positioning Edmo as a thought-leader in the aluminium extrusion and fabrication sector, and helping to boost the company’s organic search results.

Some of my favourite bits

The case studies:

B2B copywriting case studies

As soon as we got to see the amazing things that happen at Edmo (hey, there’s a reason I’m a B2B copywriter! I like this stuff!), we knew case studies would have to play a role in the new website.

The only problem? Edmo’s customers usually prefer to remain anonymous.

So, for the first time in my career as a website copywriter, I had to write case studies that showed just how impressive the client’s work was without actually identifying the customer involved.

Bit of a challenge, but we pulled it off.

Have a read of Edmo’s case studies here.

Corporate Social Responsibility

B2B copywriting CSR
When you work with clients who do complicated, messy, industrial stuff (like aluminium extrusion), there’s often a question of how to bring the softer side of things in.

One thing Edmo didn’t have on their previous website was any Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) information.

CSR can be a pretty important factor in procurement decisions now, so I decided to create a number of CSR pages on behalf of Edmo, covering their commitment to the environment, the local community, and fair and sustainable employment.

The best thing was that, before this project, Edmo hadn’t got round to consolidating all their CSR info. It was all there, just not in one place.

Now, it’s sorted. 👌🏻

Edmo’s values

B2B copywriting brand values

One of the loveliest things about working closely with the project team at Edmo was finding out the personality of the company.

On the old website, the ‘about’ section was the typical, mind-numbingly tedious (sorry, Edmo!) history spiel that you get on so many corporate websites.

It was completely flat, and showed no awareness of the target audience. After all, who ever decided on a supplier after finding out they were founded in 1976?

Not me.

Now, the ‘Company’ section of the site is full of information that really communicates the values that Edmo’s staff – and the company’s approach to customer projects – embodies.

Better yet, the values that we came up with from talking to the staff at Edmo are all things that will help persuade a prospective customer to get in touch.

There’s still this persistent school of thought that says B2B copywriting will always be dull, impersonal and corporate. It’s really not the case.

Authentic, customer-focused content always wins.

The results

The team at Edmo did an amazing job of getting me the information I needed to be able to understand exactly what they do and how they do it.

From the initial meeting and site tour, through to the seemingly endless (!) questionnaire stage and the final checks, they were always on hand to feed back on the work so far, and to clarify any points I needed to check.

Special shout-out goes to Darren, Edmo’s head of sales and marketing, who handled my numerous “quick queries” with unfailing optimism.

Darren Henry EdmoDarren had this to say:

“From our initial meeting with Lorrie it was very clear that we had found a first-class website copywriter. 

“Our website was very much out of date and not in keeping with the latest trends.  We had to move away from the old corporate structure and get new fresh optimised content for which Lorrie was the perfect choice.

“Lorrie had a firm grasp of our services and our processes, much to my delight.  Our business was thoroughly researched as was our plant and machinery. I was spared the effort of trying to explain in Lehman’s terms what it is that we actually do and how we go about doing it, as Lorrie was very much up to speed on our company.  I was even asked questions that had me checking technical manuals or investigate further.

“Lorrie took my very boring bullet-point explanations and developed them into search engine optimised text.  Not an easy task as we don’t like to give anything away about our customers or the machinery we actually use.  What makes it even more difficult is that we don’t actually make a product of our own – just everyone else’s. 

“Fully prepared questionnaires for each page with gaps to be filled in – doesn’t get much better than that.  Communications with Lorrie were very easy, good fun, informative and I am pleased to say they will not be coming to an end.

“On-going we will be working with Lorrie every month for our newsletters and mailshots to our subscribers.

“I would most definitely recommend Lorrie for your website copywriting – you don’t have to take my word for it – visit and check out the copywriting for yourself.”

B2B website copywriting is one of the jobs I love best. If you’ve got a project like this, why not contact me and see if we could be a good fit?






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