PODCAST: Finding clients: identify your target market by solving a single problem


One Hack Away From Wonder Woman: Episode 1

Podcasting is something I’ve done before and something I’m happy to be returning to with my brand new podcast series One Hack Away From Wonder Woman, in which I’ll be breaking down some of the biggest challenges facing busy freelance writers and creatives.

In episode one, I tackle a topic that’s vital for new and established freelancers alike: how to find clients. Except we’re not calling it that – we’re being savvy about this – we’re calling it “How to identify your freelance target market by solving a single problem” because we’re professionals and we’re doing this right.

Tune in now for a 10-minute fix for your freelance career. Enjoy, subscribe, and let me know what you think in the comments below or over on Twitter.



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  • Lorrie, this is an awesome podcast! So helpful, I haven’t looked for freelance work but your recommendation on focusing on one skill is very helpful for me as a blogger. We tend to try and do too many things all at once which makes us less efficient and therefore the blog (or whatever it may be) suffers. Thanks for the advice and sharing with #StayClassyMama!

    • Thanks so much, Meagan – it’s true, we’re told that everything and anything is what we can and should be doing, then we end up doing it all badly or doing nothing at all because we’re stretched so thin! Your blog is fab; it’d be a shame if you felt pressured to divert your focus away from it, especially when it’s doing so well and needs your TLC to help it fly.

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