The One Sure-Fire Way To Fail As A Copywriter (Podcast)

Copywriting is easy to get into but not easy to succeed at – and there’s one sure-fire way to make sure your career as a copywriter fails. Don’t fall into the same trap that so many wannabe writers do!

In this episode, I examine some of the ways your content might be failing to hit the mark thanks to one big mistake. And (because I’m lovely, right?) I outline how to make sure you avoid that big old pitfall and write copy that will capture your readers’ imaginations no matter which subject you’re tackling.

So tune in – in just 10-15 minutes, you’ll have a lot more information than you did before, plus some actionable points to help improve your copy.

Once you’ve had a listen, let me know what you think over on Twitter – I’m @LorrieHartshorn.

Thanks, as ever, for listening! x

Show Notes

Why we all need to stop hating on listicles (I promise I’m not talking about lists again!)
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